If You Own A Successful Small Business & Want Your Positivity to Reign . . . You Are Going to Need A Confidence & Communications Strategist!

How Would You Feel If You Could . . . 


  • Show More Of Your Authentic Self To Your Ideal Clients
  • Always Have The Right Words At Your Fingertips
  • Have Creative Content Support Whenever You Needed It
  • Be Consistent On Social Media
  • Stop Second Guessing What To Say And How To Say It
  • Have the Scripts And Notes For Your Next Webinar Done For You
  • Feel Brilliant on Video and Know Exactly What to Say
  • Stand In Front Of The Camera And Just Start Talking Without Fear
  • Start Your Day With Self-Care Instead Of Worrying About Your Next Instagram Post
  • Confidently Say "YES" To Selling Your Big Ideas On And Off Line  
  • Get Rid Of The Stress From "Comparison Syndrome"
  • Connect With Your Ideal Client And Niche Market
  • Tell Your Unique Brand Story
  • Establish Betters Boundaries For Your Time On Social Media
  • Have Creative Content Support Whenever You Needed It
  • Be A Catalyst For Your Clients & Customers By Speaking From Your Heart To Theirs
  • Systemetize Your Message And Speak Like A Boss On Livestream
  • Connect Your "I-Story" With Your "Why-Story"
  • Release Negativity So Positivity Can Reign In Your Brain & Your Business


What If You Could . . .


Say Less Of What You Don't Want To Say

Say More Of What You Do Want To Say

Know The Difference


Confident, Positive Women Business Owners Look Like This!



What Clients Are Saying:


"Coaching with Chatone was perfect for me because my perspective and mindset was shifted.  Every session there was a mindshift. As a business owner, she helped me get to the heart of my messaging and stop being afraid to show up as myself . . . I needed that!" ~ J.W. Health Coach

Powerful by day often leads to a list that is far too long to accomplish.  Do you ever feel like all day long you are changing hats just to get it all done?  How do you stay confident when the switching is out of control?!  Want some support?  Watch the following video to see how I am doing just that, and will support you in doing it too!



Discover Your Voice.  Uncover Your Confidence.  Stop Wearing So Many Hats . . .