Authentic!  Brilliant!  Catalyst!
Authentic!  Brilliant!  Catalyst!
Chatone Morrison Consulting Putting Positivity Back Into Your Life!
Chatone Morrison ConsultingPutting Positivity Back Into Your Life!

Coaching Packages

Thank you for considering our coaching services.  Coaching is a personal relationship between people and requires trust, openness, and honesty. To establish this trust, it is important that we match. We would like to invite you for a preliminary talk so that we can get to know each other and determine if we are the right fit. This talk is free and without any obligation. Simply complete the questionnaire and then we can schedule and appointment.


Specific Achievements Realized During Your Coaching Sessions:


Personal Clarity Discovery & Embracing Positivity as Your Primary Motivator

    •    Identifying and Remapping your Energy Homepage

    •    Ridding yourself of Limiting Beliefs

    •    Realigning the Assumptions that Hold you Back from Excellence

    •    Reducing the Impact of Negative Interpretations in Your Life

    •    Mining the Gap Between What You “Know About Yourself” and What You Think Others Know About & How Both Elements Interrupt Your Success


No two clients are the same so all coaching packages will be tailored to meet individual needs. 





POSITIVITY UP! is a perfect way to peek at your potential. After 45 minutes of discovery, we will strategize that ONE particular area that you want to change right away.  


60 minute coaching session


Investment: US $299 






ELITE POSITIVITY is a 20-week highly customized coaching package that uses a combination of all of the above elements together to help you put together all the pieces of a beautiful life in the workplace, on the home front, and most important Inside You. This package can be customized to include monthly couple, family, group or team sessions. We will use vision boarding, personalized affirmation creation, Core Energy Deep Dive techniques, video recordings, and additional elements specifically designed to match YOU!


The package includes:


10 - 60 minute coaching sessions, a recording of each call, plus mobile support between sessions via Voxer, a 10-minute check in call every other week between sessions and a private Facebook community


Investment: US $2997






ANCHORED IN POSITIVITY is a 12-week coaching package designed to help you make big changes. During our time together you will take off the big scratchy sweater and woolen overcoat of worn out self talk and take great strides embracing new thoughts and actions. Using advanced coaching techniques you will assault assumptions, uninspiring interpretations and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you, as you embrace the Essential 5. This package is a best seller!


This package includes:


6 - 60 minute coaching sessions, plus a 10-minute check-in call every other week between sessions, and a private Facebook community.



Investment: US $1497





The Energizer is a 6-week coaching package that has been designed to provide you with an impactful dose of Positive Energy. During six weeks of coaching, you will begin to see how to push beyond your limiting beliefs and unlock the potential for being your best self.


This package includes:


3 - 60 minute coaching sessions, plus a 10-minute check-in call  between sessions, and a private Facebook community.



Investment: US $697



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