Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content

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Entourage on Call 1:1 Content & Confidence Consulting

Elite Level Support for Discerning Professional Women & Business Owners

Entourage on Call is a premium program that blends daily accountability, confidence coaching, and confidential space to vet ideas for your life and business with content review, critique, editing and much more.

Confident Content Cafe (Group Consulting)

Never wonder if you are saying it right.  Don't create alone.

The Confident Content Cafe is designed to help discerning lady business owners and entrepreneurs create content with clarity, consistency and confidence, so they can get back to what's MOST important.  When your goal is to make powerful, purposeful and impactful content that serves every single time - without going crazy - you come to the Confident Content Cafe.

Know Your Niche, Find Your Voice (1:1 Consulting)

A must for every entrepreneur who wants to develop a clear voice that speaks to their target audience and create confident content every single time.   

These coaching sessions build confidence in your business and your message.  Working 1:1, we will work to zone in on exactly who it is you serve and how you want to serve them, as well as hone your voice, so you can confidently OWN it!

Individual Service Offerings

Whether you need writing, editing, a critique, a book or website review, a motivational speaker for a team retreat or women’s workshop, Chatone has you covered with the right content at the right time.

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