Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content

What Chatone's Clients Are Saying . . .

"If you are a woman & you could use a confidence boost in ANY area of your life, Chatone Morrison is the coach for you! From executives to home schooling moms, Chatone can help you transform inside & out so that you show up in the world as the confident woman you were born to be!"

Latasha White, John Maxwell Coach (Elite Lady Leadership Alliance)


"Being a serious introvert and a business owner has its challenges.  I have had the privilege to be a part of a coaching group with Chatone and she continues to push me to do more, to show the public my value and to get out of my own way.  She does so with lots of love and laughter and I am so grateful for her contribution to my budding biz."

Renee Hughes, Business Coach


"If you are looking for someone who will truly listen to you and provide caring, heartfelt advice - look no further!  Chatone is focused, on point and willing to explore new areas of concern right along with you.  Her business sense and common sense, not a flower that grows in everyone's garden, guide you in think-alongs and talk-alouds as you explore life's perplexing moments.  You will not regret your sessions and will always, always leave them feeling entertained by her amazing sense of humor and challenged to be more - because you can!"
J.  Greenfield - Interpreter, Mentor & Kangen Water Business Owner


“Chatone is an immensely and uniquely talented coach! She has the ability to see beyond the obvious, helping her clients find clarity in even their most challenging circumstances. Extremely bright and highly intuitive, Chatone takes coaching to a completely different level. I can honestly say that it would be difficult to find a more generous, caring, gifted coach. My life has been deeply enriched by my coaching experience with Chatone, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to live a richer, happier life. She's a gem!" 

- Denise Clelan, Owner/Entrepreneurial Coach at Clelan Consulting 


Chatone is amazing! Her grace, focus, and general calm make her incredibly easy to open up to, but it is her laser-like clarity and ability to cut through all of the voices in your head, drama, and confusion and get right to your core that make her an outstanding AND transformative coach. In just a few minutes of coaching in our first session she was able to get me to see something so major in my own life that it literally changed not only my direction, but also how I viewed my future. If you are struggling - hire her immediately.” 


- Christie Mims, CEO, Revolutionary Club 


"Chatone is an amazing coach.  She is always able to help you find a positive spin on a difficult situation.  She is full of ideas to enhance your business.  Princess of Positivity truly embodies who she is."

- Michelle D. Fitness Instructor


“Chatone is one of the most intelligent people that I've ever had the pleasure to work for. She's honest and helpful at all times. She not only knows how to manage others, she knows how to teach them to manage themselves. She expects a lot from people, but not any more than she knows they can do, and she is more than willing and capable to aid those people in their personal education. She is also kind, loving, understanding and respectful. I honestly believe that I am a better employee now, because of what she taught me in my past professional life.” 

- B. Turrentine, Sales Professional 

"Chatone is an amazing coach - plain and simple. She partnered with me to explore the endless possibilities of what my potential could be. There was no fear, no judgment only her honesty and intuition that created a safe and comfortable place for me to be and say and do whatever I wanted to. She challenged me to stretch my boundaries and embrace my talents and gifts to create a more enriching and fulfilling life. As a mother, wife and professional, the effects of my relationship with Chatone are priceless.  Thank you Chatone." 

- Lauri Jugan, Physical Therapist 


“I’ve learned a tremendous amount about myself from working with Chatone. My career growth and achievements as well as several personal achievements are largely due to her amazing teaching, coaching and mentoring skills.” 

- C.A., ASL Interpreter 


“Chatone has many, many outstanding facets as a person and as a coach. She is a passionate listener. She not only quickly processes thoughts I convey with clarity, but does so with utmost efficiency and skill. Extraordinarily gifted and talented." 

- Pamela Riley, Nature Sunshine Business Owner 


“Chatone is an excellent coach. I was having difficulties handling the stress of my work environment. Chatone not only provided positive encouragement, but also assisted me to develop tools personalized specifically for me. After working with her for just a few months I have been able to more than just deal with my issues, but overcome them. My work environment is the same, but I am a different, less stressed, more positive, and happier woman. 

I would recommend her to all working women who have challenges to overcome.” 

- C.C.A., Contract Professional 


“Chatone is absolutely amazing..... She connected with me on such a personal level and got to the core of my issue right way. Her insightful questions and intuition helped guide me to find answers I didn’t even know I had in me. Thank you, Chatone, for helping me break through – you have changed my life!!” 

- Jeanne Oliver 


Thank you very much for our business sessions!  Your suggestions for starting my business was very informative and enlighteningl. Your insight on marketing and gaining clientele was very helpful.  I will work with you again!

-Roze Roulhac