Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content

Stand Alone Consulting Services 


Choose from any of the services listed below to enhance the content for your business and brand.  


Choose a keynote for your next retreat, women's workshop, team meeting or conference.


Confidence Catalyst Academy Offerings also available







               What Are Your Content Needs?

Services* Description/Examples Pricing
Brand Story Customized business brand or personal brand/journey story $500 & up
Website Content About Me, Services, Program Descriptions, etc $400 & up/page
Blog Starter About Page/Description, Welcome, Mini-Blog (500 words) $850 package 

Learning Management

System Starter

Bio, 3 Main Course Descriptions, Thank You Page, Pricing Page, Naming Conventions, General Instructions

$1200 & up
Blog Writing Blog Creation & Minimal Research

$ 125 & up (based on length and

research time needed)

Copyediting (Light) (Light Editing) Includes, email, letters, blogs, newsletters, ebooks $95 & up (based on length)
Copyediting (Substantive) Includes, email, letters, blogs, newsletters, ebook $125 & up (based on length)
Social Media Posts 12 per month - mix of short and long form posts (can be used any for platform of choice) $297/month (mandatory 2 month commitment)
Website Critique/Review Proofread each page, redline or edit, visual/structure recommendations $250 per page (package pricing available)
Acronym Development Customized acronym for your program, group, service, brand (all rights transferred to client) $100 & up
Black Tie Content Customized special event content:  Poetry, Toasts, Funeral Programs, Life Reviews, Wedding Vows (all rights transferred to client) By Quote Only

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*Please Note:  All services require a content strategy session.  Schedule yours today by clicking at the bottom of this page.




The BIG Idea Breakthrough -  VIP 1:1 2 Hour Consulting/Coaching Session.  The goal will be to create brand new ideas for your business and develop an execution plan. Ask any question, get honest answers, pick my brain, breakthrough your blocks.  (2 Hour Session, plus 14 days of Entourage On Call* to support your implementation.)



Vision Statement & Catalyst Session - 2 Part Intro to Coaching (90 Minutes, 2 Sessions)    



Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief Session (90 Minutes, 2 Sessions)





Speaking of Confidence™ Motivation Engagements (1-1.5 Hours)

$2500 (For Profit Organizations)

$1000 (Non Profit Organizations)


Suggested Topics

 - Take AIM With Your Content

 - Be the Catalyst™ in Your Content

 - Be the Catalyst™ in Your Communication

 - What You See Is What You Get:  Moving From Self-Damning to Dopeness™ (Affirmations in Action)

 - Family Dialysis™ in Action

 - You Are Not The Container™:  Transforming Your Body Image

 - Slow It Down™

 - The Bodycon 101™


Customized Workshops (3 Hours)



 - What You See Is What You Get:  Moving From Self-Damning to Dopeness™ 

 - Negativity Is Not The RIGHT Choice:  How To Let Positivity Reign!