Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content

What You Should Know About ME

Great coaching is a lifestyle.  I hold two certifications for professional coaching and continually develop new skills and techniques to bring my best.  I love my coaching and consulting clients and they love me back, but this is only half the story.   To get an elevated coaching experience that inspires, motivates and holds you accountable, you need a lot more.  And that's why I LOVE creating for heart-focused coaches, consultants, mentors, and women professionals.  They understand that to make a difference they have to be All In!  They need to receive true support so they can in turn give that to their clients.  And is where I come in…but let me go back a bit...



To me, great heart-centered coaches are the salt of the earth.  In the corporate arena, they can make the difference between surviving and thriving.  While working for both large corporations such as (IBM, McAfee, Intel) and small businesses alike, I experienced first hand what happens when women are left under-nurtured, neglected and uncelebrated in the workplace.  They don't need a manager, they need a coach.


As soon as I had the chance during those corporate days, my entire goal was to be a holistic leader.  I devoured literature, off-campus training classes, workshops all in an effort to change the lives of the women who worked for me.  I created my own pod programs to develop systems of self-care, confidence in dealing with aggressive types, positivity rituals for shaking off the negativity of others, self-development, mandatory reading, self-esteem nurturing, exercise during the work day, etc. No one was leading the way I did.  That's because I was coaching.  The difference was unmistakable.  


After several years climbing the proverbial ladder, in 2012 I decided to take a step back, leave corporate and  "coach instead of manage" full-time in private practice.  Using advanced concepts to build women and their organizations, I became absolutely passionate about growing confidence, positive energy, motivation, self-expression and self-esteem.  I know that the next level is right in front of you, and I know a coach can help you get there.  I was in love with the changes I saw people making.  But I knew there was more.  I was seeing far too many amazing women coaches busy elevating the lives of others but falling into the trap of not feeling good enough specifically because they didn't excel in every single aspect of their business.  Which brings us to mid-2018 when I changed my entire business model.  


As a Content, Confidence & Delivery Strategist supporting women and their heart-centered, helping professions and practices.  It is my passion to help you script your unique brand story, systematize your message, and confidently say yes to opportunities to sell your gifts on and off line. You have your gifting so why should you be inundated with the minutiae of things that would take time away from what you do best - working with your clients!  


How would it feel to release negativity so positivity can reign in your brain and in your business?  I believe that every  business owner deserves this!  It is no longer enough to just be successful and powerful in your career.  Stressing out over far too many things to do in your business can crowd out time for your personal self-care, relationships, and peace of mind.  Overwhelm used to give you bragging rights, and burnout was birthright passed through the branches of so-called success.  But it’s simply no longer  an option for the optimal health of women stacked in the “Dagwood” sandwich of raising teenagers, caring for aging parents and still looking to shine bright.  My clients develop a more positive, energetic and empowered outlook on their business and their life, from giving up the tedious work of writing, creating and finding all their own business solutions.  


Most lady boss business owners, professional coaches, consultants, physicians and artists could carve out loads of time to write their own content, copy, emails, keynotes, scripts, social media posts, and motivational material for their groups.  But if doing that is hard or time consuming or stressful or is an obstacle to doing the more important things in her business, WHY DO IT?


I spend time listening to her voice so I can explain her mission and vision.  I provide coaching and consulting so she has the confidence and readiness to step into every possibility.



After working with me, my clients are open and ready to: 


Be Authentic...Be Brilliant...Be A Catalyst!