Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Unlocking The Keys To Your Confidence
Unlocking The Keys To Your Confidence

What You Should Know About ME

Some coaches view what they do as a job.  Others view it as a career.  For me, coaching is a lifestyle.  I hold two certifications for professional coaching and continually develop new skills and techniques to bring my best.  I love my clients and my clients love me.  But this is only half the story.   To get an elevated coaching experience that inspires, motivates and holds you accountable, you will need a lot more.  Here's why I'm qualified . . .


While working for both large corporations such as (IBM, McAfee, Intel) and small businesses alike, I experienced first hand what happens when women are left under-nurtured, neglected and uncelebrated in the workplace.  I didn't need a manager, I needed a coach.


Early on, I knew what it felt like for me to arrive at work, give my best and then walk away feeling as if I wasn't even there.  I hated the pit in my stomach that arrived each and every time I had to stand in front of the room and present my ideas, no matter how well prepared, not knowing how to command attention, all the while worrying about what I looked like, or what my audience thought of me. My confidence was non-existent and it didn't stop at work.  It penetrated my home life and my marriage. I started paying attention and realized that I was not alone.  We didn't need a manager, we needed a coach.


I'm so glad my story didn't stop there.  Taking the advice of a wise friend who told me "you better get whole before you start a family" and "there is no reason you can't feel better than you do right now", I embarked on an arduous journey of self-development and self-growth.  For several years, I read everything I could get my hands on, attended seminars and workshops, enrolled in various classes and online courses.  It all began to click.  Even before going back to school and completing two certified coaching programs, my awareness of the changes this could make in the lives of women was clear. I could not help but put it to work.


As a leader I knew I could make a profound difference.  I was drawn to create unique, out-of-the-box methods for "managing".  I discovered strengths instead of "fixing" perceived weaknesses and I grew people from the inside out.  The benefits of the extra time I spent was paid in full as my staff and teams started coming to work motivated and ready to deliver and leaving motivated and knowing they were nurtured.  Growing their confidence and positivity was a key to getting what I needed for the organization - a strong team who excelled.  I had figured out that they didn't need a manager, they needed a coach. 


I created my own pod programs to develop systems of self-care, confidence in dealing with aggresive types, positivity rituals for shaking off the negativity of others, self-development, mandatory reading, self-esteem nurturing, exercise during the work day, etc. No one was leading the way I did.  That's because I was coaching.  The difference was unmistakable.  


After several successful years in the corporate arena, in 2012 I decided to leave corporate and  "coach instead of manage" full-time in private practice.  Using advanced concepts to build women and their organizations, I am absolutely passionate about growing confidence, positive energy, motivation, self-expression and self-esteem.  Your next level is right in front of you, together we can get there.