Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content

Confidential Confidence On Call™

Positivity in Private

Do you need to elevate how you show up in print, in person, on social media, on video, during speaking engagements, in front of your colleagues or staff? 


Private consulting/coaching sessions provide you with a higher level of confidentiality to break through.


Offered in packages for your best value and most effective use, this program also includes many additional bonuses for free. 


(Payment plans are available)

*Added Bonus Features


Confidence Catalyst Academy - Self Paced Coaching Library Videos & Audios:  One Year Unlimited Access


Video Coaching The Sunday Corner™ Videos & Audios:  Value $497


Build Your Body Confidence & Start Embracing Every Day Joy

Confident Mindset 

Positively Confident Image 

Say YES to Confidence - 5 Day Challenge

Positively Inspirational 

How To Raise Your Deserve Level

Negativity No More!

How To Cover Your COUGH During FLU Season

How To Handle Mistakes with Grace and Positivity

100 Days of Summer Positivity

Confident Mindset

The SCIENCE of Overcoming Overwhelm

Creating An Elevated Life Story

Positively Family Focused 


VALUE = $2237


Value $2734 (included in all packages)


Private Facebook Community:  Value $300 (included in all packages)


Vision Statement & Catalyst Session:  2 Part Intro to Coaching:  Value $597 (included in 10/20 session packages)


Energy Leadership Assessment & Debrief:  Value $597 (included in 10/20 session packages)


On-Call Support Between Sessions:  Value $497  (included in 20 session packages)


Total Bonuses for FREE  $4725

(limitations apply based on program purchased)


5, 10, & 20 Hour Packages Available