Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Finding Keys to Unlock Your Confidence
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content
Unlocking The Doors To Your Confident Content

Engagement Intensive

When you are preparing for and delivering on the big moves in your life and career, Confidence Matters.  A trusted second pair of truthful eyes changes everything.  Think an entourage is just for celebrities? Think Again.


What is the value of feeling motivated, confident, and elevated on both the inside and the outside for your most important launches, programs and events?   


How would it feel to have someone to bounce your big ideas off of knowing that they will give you the truth when you need it most?  How would it feel to be given the words you need to say at just the right time?  Imagine the stress release to be able to have someone listen to you just when you need it, without fear of reprisal?


This top-level service delivers an on-demand sounding board, mindset strategies, accountability and post “big day” debriefs.

Your Own Private Entourage On Call™ is Waiting. 

Self-Paced Elevation

Have a difficult week at work coming up and want to show up energized and super ready?  Need to figure out how to navigate time with your kids and still have a smile on your face?  Wish you could feel better about how you look in your clothes?  Need to know what products to add to your self-care regime?  Do your relationships need an upgrade? Love to learn how and when to say no?   How would it feel to have round the clock support?


When you are looking for quick, easy access to a motivational mindset, The Confidence Catalyst Academy™ is a perfect choice.  


This program promises On-call Confidence and Positivity at your own pace, exactly when you need it!  

Individual Consulting/Coaching

Individualized one-to-one coaching allows you to be truly listened to without interruption, have your agenda be the ONLY agenda, create personal goals, have accountability, set a new level of elevation in your home or work life, and change your self-talk one conversation at a time.


 This program suppports you during the sessions and in between, as well as provides a community and on-going self-paced support as a bonus.


Is Personal Attention Paramount?  

Confidential Confidence on Call™

Stand-Alone Program Offerings

Women-owned businesses and organizations always need motivation, inspiration and personal development.  Whether you need a keynote speaker, a confidence-building workshop, access to our video library, an energy leadership assessment, or a personalized vision statement, Confidence á La Carte has you covered.