Authentic!  Brilliant!  Catalyst!
Authentic!  Brilliant!  Catalyst!
Chatone Morrison Consulting Putting Positivity Back Into Your Life!
Chatone Morrison ConsultingPutting Positivity Back Into Your Life!

Who We Are

I truly believe that as a woman you can Release Negativity and Allow Your Positivity to Reign.  


I am a Creative, right brained, coach, leader and excellence enthusiast, with demonstrated mastery in the art of "hidden bests discovery" in others.


I have been coaching, consulting, mentoring, managing and teaching for over 25 years. I have experience in the corporate arena, having worked 20 years in a large corporation, running an employee learning and development logistics team with worldwide program responsibility and global reach. I also have experience in the dynamics of working with small companies and family owned businesses, having worked for 10 years in that environment in Office Management and Administration.


Additionally, I am fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and have the needed sensitivities and cultural awareness to work with Deaf clients. I will always engage and inspire creatively to assist you in finding your best solution.


My Key Differentiators


In addition to maintaining strict confidentiality, I keep all client notes under lock and key. For enhanced privacy, clients have the option of obtaining the original notes from all sessions, at the end of the coaching engagement.


In addition to holding you accountable, I will provide email and text messaging to support your success during the challenging times. The work of coaching happens between the sessions.


In addition to honoring your agenda, we will do detailed work to identify your value system and discover where, when and why you are dishonoring your own values.


In addition to honoring your agenda, we will do detailed work to identify your value system and discover where, when and why you are dishonoring your own values.


In addition to setting attainable “stretch” goals, I will create customized weekly goal update reports to help keep you on track and encourage your progress.


Most importantly, in addition to being a great listener, I have a freakishly excellent memory for your otherwise seemingly unimportant personal details which give me the upper hand in finding the silent clues that will assist in piecing together the puzzle of what is holding you back.


The 5 Bonuses of Working With a Heart-Led, Right Brained Coach:



    •    Artistic Anchors™ Motivational Artwork

    •    Vision Boarding

    •    Personalized Affirmation Creation

    •    Intention Setting & Actualization

    •    Core Energy Leadership






I have completed two separate accredited coaching programs; Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and Fowler Wainwright International. Additionally I received a certificate in coaching from the American Society for Training and Development. I have completed the coursework for the Core Energy Leadership Coaching designation; and I will soon be certified as an ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner). Since coaching is a passion, I am immersed in professional growth and continually looking to enhance and further my expertise as a coach by attending workshops, seminars, webinars, reading industry publications, staying abreast of the current trends, as well as incorporating personality type indicators (MBTI, Enneagram, SELF Profile & DISC). I am also a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation).


Throughout my many different experiences, my key driver for success has always been finding the “IT” factor in people, especially women; and helping them reach deep within, I personally know that once the fire comes, "oh what a force it is!" As a corporate leader, I made it my aim to provide the opportunity for people to play in the space of self-enhancement. As a Certified Coach, I am committed to being a partner to anyone that is ready to move beyond the feeling of “not good enough”.


I am absolutely passionate about positive energy, motivation, self-expression and self-esteem. Together we can get you to that desired higher ground.

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